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Prairie Isle is proud to offer several options for organized league play. The current leagues are listed below and welcome new members or teams. Please see the contact information for each league. If you are interested in starting a new league, please contact the Pro Shop at Call for information about starting a new league at (815) 356-0202.

League Time/Day Dates Contact
JW Duffers (9 Holes) 4:30PM Mondays April 17 - Sept 9 Mike Milbratz at Call JW Duffers for details on the JW Duffers league at (847) 226-0692 or
Tues Night Men (9 Holes) 4:30PM Tuesdays April 14 - Aug 25 Jason Skrzypinski at Call Jason Skrzypinski for details on the Tues Night Men league at (815) 403-3370 or
Golf Cop’s (9 Holes) 3:30PM Wednesdays April 18 - Oct 10 Scott Speir at (847) 521-8159
Mary Beth’s (9 Holes) 4:15PM Wednesdays May 11 - Sept 6 Mary Beth Jachec at Call Mary Beth Jachec for details on the Mary Beth’s league at (847) 707-1018 or
Birdies (18 Holes) 8AM Thursdays May 7 - Aug 27 Kathy Moony at Call Kathy Moony for details on the Birdies league at (847) 977-2120 or
Colonial (9 Holes) 4PM Thursdays April 15 - Sept 30 Ralph Reiser at Call Ralph Reiser for details on the Colonial league at (847) 344-4135
Olas (9 Holes) 4:20PM Thursdays April 12 - Aug 31 Eric Klutke at Call Eric Klutke for details on the Olas league at (815) 342-6236